Basin Funds

"Our teams deep history in the energy business has created a unique network that has provided both proprietary deal flow and access to first class talent."

Stephen Howard, Managing Partner


Basin was formed in 2009 by Stephen Howard to purchase working interests and to buy mineral and royalty interests throughout the United States. Today, Basin is active in 10 different U.S. regions.

Current Focus

In 2014, Stephen Howard and Mason Manulik launched Basin Acquisition Funds to expand and acquire additional domestic energy interests. The Funds are seeking assets ranging in size between $5 – $200 million. Basin’s team has over 100 years of combined technical and investment experience and has acquired, developed, managed, and sold energy assets across multiple states throughout their careers.  This team brings decades of transaction experience across numerous commodity cycles and has completed transactions on over $1 billion worth of assets since 2009.

Our acquisition analysis is an asset grounded, cash flow driven process that seeks to create beneficial returns for both the buyer and the seller. Basin’s private funding provides us the ability to transact at our own discretion, which has helped build our reputation as a reliable acquirer of energy assets.